About Us

"Tales from Africa
Wild but Tame"

Many moons ago, only the wild animals existed, alongside the San – the First People of Africa, and all could converse together and understand each other.

The animals were wise and strong and gladly passed on their knowledge to the San, teaching them how to survive in the wilderness.

Rhinoceros knew how to make and master Fire, Otter had knowledge of the Water, and Baboon knew which Fruits were good to eat.

Otter and Baboon happily shared their knowledge, passing on their wisdom to the San; however, grumpy Rhino refused to help the San survive with the knowledge of Fire.

Every time the San asked Rhino, ‘Please teach us how to make fire, so that we may cook our food, and keep warm and safe’, Rhino just snorted through his nose and replied ‘I do not know, go away!’.

But every time Rhino told this lie, his mighty horn on his nose start to itch terribly. With no hands to scratch, he would rub his horn against a tree trunk to ease the itching. Many times this happened, and every time it did, fire would spring from where Rhino rubbed his horn, setting the trees on fire.

Over many moons, Rhino’s skin turned grey with the ashes from the fires he started, and it is still grey today.

Rhino never did share his secret, and so the San stole the knowledge of Fire, but that’s a whole other story………….

Using Kashmiri, Reshampatti and Jalapeno chillies, combined with the passion, and inspirational creativity of our chef, we bring you the taste of exotic Africa.

Chef Bimal Parmar

“Capture the spirit + exotic
flavours of Indo-Africa.”

Michuzi Sauces are the dreams of a young Indian boy made real; just seven years old, he traveled the vast plains of the Maasai Mara, taking in the colours, the animals, and the mystique of Africa. Watching the chefs crafting their magic in the game lodges of Tanzania, Bimal absorbed their secrets, and brought them to England, where he became a much admired and respected chef. These sauces capture the spirit and evocative flavours of Africa, blending them with exotic spices from India, and bringing their excitement and richness into kitchens everywhere.